Exclusive ChinTao Wellness treatment by TCM Counselor Arne Langaskens

To reconnect to the timeless, natural wisdoms of healthy living, and happiness!

Your personal beauty is more affected by your lifestyle, than you could ever imagine. Together we will learn that through a conscious equilibrated lifestyle, we can maximize the improvement of our daily health and personal well being. Let me quote the famous – and beautiful-  Italian actress Sophia Loren: Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes”. The human body is not conceived of as a grouping of separate systems and organs, but rather as one complete and interconnected system. ChinTao Life Science also requires acknowledgement of the individual nature of every case, with the same disease often requiring different treatments for different people. 

Every person exhibits distinctive characteristics, particular strengths and unique susceptibilities while living in entirely peculiar conditions which mandate that diagnosis and treatment be completely personalized. 

The ChinTao Life Science philosophy also stresses that the quality of the therapy is consistently of the highest order while being executed in the timeliest manner. 

Counteracting the negative effects of the total environment on health is the most difficult of tasks as it incorporates an understanding of the individual’s condition and knowledge of the particular environmental forces acting on him or her. 

Environmental influences can come from things as common and natural as weather and climate, but the most dangerous are in fact the man-made pollutants (including but not limited to containments in the air and water, radiation of various sorts, and hygienic considerations due to population density). The effects of pollution on disease and longevity are undeniable but they are equally uncontrollable for most individuals. 

Unfortunately short of moving there is little one can do to directly affect this major factor in overall equilibrium. Problems caused can therefore only be addressed by attempting to compensate for any negative effects by strengthening the body’s defenses through a preventive dietary and herbal intake that acts to reduce susceptibility to illness bearing in mind the particulars of each case.

Changes in diet and lifestyle are easier to attain as they are for the most part only dependent upon the desire and ability of the individual to alter bad habits once they are identified. There is a preponderance of evidence that diet and lifestyle are major factors in the development of many diseases, and growing evidence that simple changes in food consumption and physical activity can reduce the incidence and degree of malignancy of a variety of major medical conditions. 

Identifying the nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle habits in individuals that can cause cardiovascular disease, cancer and a variety of other illnesses is crucial for the prevention of disease formation, and as such is central to the ChinTao Life Science’s endeavor. 

Arne Langaskens provides with his unique holisticapproach the perfect individual wellness treatment.

The exclusive ChinTao Treatment package starts from one week until one month.

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